From the “On Begley Street” Premiere

Begleys at On Begley Street premiereLast Sunday, September 15, evōx Television premiered the new show “On Begley Street,” about the Begleys and their challenges building a platinum-LEED certified home while living comfortably.  Held on the CalTech campus at the LEED-certified Linde Center, the premiere party included a showcase of green living vendors, sustainable product demonstrations, and education about making greener choices.


Raphael Sbarge, Bill Nye, and Ed Begley Jr

Numerous environmentally-minded celebrities attended as well, including Green Wish board member Sharon Lawrence (“Rizzoli & Isles”), Bill Nye the Science Guy, and Kate Linder (“Young and Restless”).

At the premiere, Ed and Rachelle Begley, along with their daughter Hayden, spoke of the importance of making greener decisions for now and the future, and the potential conflicts around making these decisions.  Hayden even mentioned this when talking about life at the Begley household:  “Growing up in my house, it was a little crazy, the conflicts we had. My mother being herself isn’t the greenest lady, but she certainly does try, and my dad who is all about the green. His life revolves around it, and it’s a good way to live, but I feel like you’ve gotta find balance and so I hope that’s where I come into play, become the moderator, and that’s really what our life is like, where there’s the green and the beauty.”

We also enjoyed a presentation from evōx Television’s president, Xav Dubois.  evōx Television, where “On Begley Street” will be aired, is an online broadcast network providing original programming about expanding consciousness and finding deeper meaning in life; delivered online and streamed to devices such as Roku and Xbox. New episodes of “On Begley Street” will air each Sunday on the evōx network.

Thank you to the sponsors and vendors who contributed amazing products and services to the live event and to the gift bags:  Amella Caramels, Green Garmento, Hampton Creek Foods, Jenkins Jellies, New Resource Bank, Real Food Daily, Renee Lynn Medical Esthetics, Seasnax, Soofoo, Susty Party, Tolosa Winery, and The Yoga Collective.

Watch the next episode of “On Begley Street” every Sunday on evōx Television: