Green Wish began as a grassroots, nonprofit charitable organization focused on fundraising to help local green organizations fund projects in their communities through small donations at local retailers, online and via fundraising events. Headquartered in Los Angeles, but with chapters in Lawrence, Kan.; Orange County (California); St Louis; and Kansas City, Mo.; among other cities, our mission was to collect money for smaller local groups that were deserving and in much need of support. We are proud of the early work that Green Wish accomplished, raising hundreds of thousands of dollars for small but mighty organizations that had a large impact in their communities.

After receiving a Legacy Grant from the California Institute for Contemporary Art to expand our educational programs, we began to use film to highlight the work of our chapters, recognizing the power of the films to educate and inspire. Today, our mission has evolved and focuses more exclusively on filmmaking and its power to engage and inform across a range of societal issues including the environment. We discovered that in addition to sending money to help these groups, awareness of their work could sometimes be more beneficial in the long term. Our chapters let us know that the films we made to draw attention to their efforts went a long way toward receiving additional grant support.

Green Wish Films Highlighting the Work of Local Green Organizations