Planting a Green Wish Chapter

Starting your own local chapter is not only fun but incredibly rewarding.  Creating a new chapter of Green Wish generates enormous opportunity for the local green initiatives that are already doing the good work to make your community a better place.  You’ll make a positive difference by:

  • Raising awareness for the green non-profits and projects in your area
  • Involving businesses and your community in giving back
  • Financially supporting local green projects that will partner together with you to enact positive change.

What is Green Wish?

Green Wish is a U.S. based, non-profit 501(c)3 organization dedicated to helping local, green organizations fund projects for their communities through small donations at local retailers (in $1, $3 and $5 dollar denominations) and online in “pay what you can” denominations. All organizations are vetted by a Board of Directors and benefiting organizations may alternate over the years, leaving room for other groups to receive support.

Who can benefit from Green Wish donations?

Green Wish’s focus is concentrated in four key areas: land, air, water, and sustainability education.  The goal is to collect money for smaller local groups that are very deserving and in much need of funding. Non-profits can apply for funding by submitting an application to a Green Wish chapter in their area.  The local Green Wish board then chooses which green non-profits and projects they would like to support for the coming year.  In return for that support, each non-profit commits to participate on the local Green Wish board.

What are the steps to form a new chapter?

There are key steps involved in creating a Green Wish chapter.  The cost for resources and administration to begin a chapter is $500, which can be offset by 10% of the donations you raise and can be paid over the course of 12 months.  In return, you’ll be given all of your materials and have tons of help from veteran Green Wish members who have already successfully started their own locals.  Their expertise will guide you through each phase.

  1. Find a few green-minded people who can form your board.  You can create a board with as little as three members: a president, a secretary, and a treasurer.  Not sure how to ask others to join you?  Don’t worry, we’ll give you a letter to send out that explains everything they need to know, and a current Green Wish member can hold a conference call for you to answer any questions they might have.
  2. Sign the Green Wish chapter agreement.  This is a simple agreement that protects the Green Wish brand and makes you an official Green Wish chapter.
  3. Decide on your territory.   Your chapter should be big enough to have resources to pool from and enough nonprofits to support, but small enough that it remains local in focus.
  4. Send local green non-profits a Green Wish Application for Support.  We’ll help you find where to look for non-profits in your community.
  5. Contact businesses and retailers about the great things you’re doing and ask for their support.  Green Wish will provide a letter and a presentation you can easily mail to local businesses that explains Green Wish and how they can help.  We have found that most retailers are very open to raising donations when it’s for their local community!
  6. As you raise money, give it away!  10% of what you collect goes back to Green Wish National to help us pay for administrative costs and materials.  This 10% directly offsets the $250 starter fee.  The other 90% is sent to the non-profits you’ve selected.

Forming a new chapter usually takes 60-90 days depending on your particular location and situation.  After learning more about you, we’ll connect you with a Green Wish “mentor” and create a timeline to ensure your success.  Each step of the way, we’ll send you detailed guides and materials, as well as continued one-on-one help from your mentor.  We’re excited to help you make an enduring impact in your corner of the globe!   Contact us to get the process started.