Meet the Sponsor:  Tailwaggers

Tailwaggers logoTailwaggers & Tailwashers is “your friendly neighborhood pet food, supplies, and full grooming salon.”  Tailwaggers has been a Green Wish partner since the beginning, featuring our in-store donation cards at their cash registers so that customers can make a donation to Green Wish right at the point of sale.  With 2 locations in Los Angeles (Hollywood and West Hollywood), Tailwaggers strives to offer organic pet supplies, recycled pet items, and natural pet food products that you may have a hard time finding in big box pet stores. In addition, the Hollywood location offers a full-service and self-service grooming salon that can take care of even the toughest grooming problems such as deskunking and anti-itch treatments.

Now that it’s summertime, take care of your pets’ flea and tick problems with products from Tailwaggers’ natural and chemical-free product assortment.  And if you’re walking your pet more often to take advantage of longer summer days and to enjoy the beautiful weather, you may find yourself in need of more cleaning supplies for your furry friend – check out Tailwaggers’ all-natural shampoo and other grooming essentials.  They also feature a selection of other green and organic pet products that “give back” to other worthy environmental or humane causes. You can either buy online at, with free shipping on $70 orders, or stop by either of Tailwaggers’ 2 locations.

Finally, Tailwaggers also holds pet adoptions at both locations on almost every Saturday of each month.  Stop by and say hello to Tailwaggers today, or “Like” them on Facebook – we appreciate their partnership!