Your local community needs your help.

Did you know? –  Environment Is An Important Issue
  • 31% of all adults say it’s “extremely” or “very important”
  • 36% of adults are concerned about the planet
  • 29% of adults are environmentally conscience
  • 29% of adults feel responsible for taking care of the environment
 Environment Issues Influence Purchase Behavior
  • 79% of all adults and 86% of 18-24 year-olds seek green products
  • 31% of all adults and 35% of 18-24 year-olds pay more for green products

*Harris Poll, May, 2012

Did you know? – For no cost to you, you can help counteract these alarming trends in a powerful way that increases customer loyalty, creates key marketing opportunities for you, and raises awareness of your business.  By partnering with Green Wish, an environmental non-profit in your area, you become part of an influential network of local businesses empowering their customers to make positive difference in your local community and the planet!

Award-winning Actor Raphael Sbarge is the founder of Green Wish, a concept of giving that allows people to support a movement – not just one organization, but multiple ones, which alternate every 12 months.  It’s community helping community.

What is Green Wish?

Green Wish is a U.S. based, non-profit 501(c)3 organization dedicated to helping local, green organizations fund projects for their communities through donations at local businesses like yours (in $1, $3 and $5 dollar denominations) and online.  When someone donates to Green Wish, they’re really giving to multiple green non-profits all at the same time!

90 cents of every dollar your customers donate goes directly to these local green non-profits and projects to help them make an even bigger difference in the place you call home.

How can you help?

 The Green Wish Program is simple for retailers to execute.
  1. Donation amounts are assigned bar codes and are added to your POS system.  Donation cards are placed at your checkout area.
  2. Customers who would like to donate to Green Wish simply take a card, choose how much they would like to donate, and the amount is added to their purchase at checkout.  They keep the card!

Donation Card (front)Donation Card (back)

For financial institutions, online businesses, and companies without a POS system or check-out area, we will create a donation program customized specifically to fit your business, making it steam-lined and easy for you to integrate.


What are the benefits to you?

As a participating member of Green Wish™, you enjoy many significant benefits!

  • Customers feel “locally” connected to your company and they see your commitment to the local, green community. As a result, your customers enthusiastically support your values and your establishment.
  • On a national level, Green Wish is promoted through television, print, and social media which drives traffic to our site. Your company logo and website link will be added to our Green Wish site as a valued sponsor. We state that you are an important part of making a difference in your community and urge all our “followers” to shop at your establishment. By following you on Twitter and Facebook, we support your company through social media outlets to promote your business as a sponsor of Green Wish.
  • Donations made through your business are tax-deductible for your company.  So, not only is the program free for you, it helps your bottom line and saves you money!
  • If your company raises $1,000 or more in donations, Green Wish will create a high-quality video for your business like the one below, and your company logo will be printed on every Green Wish donation card placed throughout the community! 


We invite you to join us and make Green Wish a part of your business.  Mother Nature Wins. So do you.  Contact us to start participating!

Do you know retailers that would be a great fit for Green Wish?  Download this presentation you can send their way!


“Remember we can always try to do a little better, and millions of consumers making small choices really do start to add up quickly.” – Raphael Sbarge.


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