Meet the Charity:  Algalita

algalita-logoThe Algalita Marine Research Institute, based in Long Beach, CA, was founded in 1994 by Captain Charles Moore to focus on the coastal ocean – specifically the giant kelp beds and wetlands along the California Coast.  In 1997 he sailed from Hawaii to California and charted a course through the North Pacific Subtropical Gyre, where he went through what’s now known as the “Great Pacific Garbage Patch,” the giant swirling mess of trash, discarded plastic, old fishing nets, and other debris that has collected over the years.

Since that trip, Captain Moore has made many other research trips to the Gyre, collecting data and research for public education programs about the impact of marine plastic pollution.  One of Algalita’s main goals is to inform people of the collective effects of our plastic “footprint” on the world around us.  Ultimately, Algalita’s overarching mission is working towards a plastic-pollution-free world, through field research, analysis, and education.

Watch Captain Moore’s explanation of the plastic pollution issue:

Green Wish Los Angeles is proud to have delivered donations to Algalita for over 3 years.  Visit Algalita’s site to learn more about their research trips and public education programs, including resources for teachers to give students hands-on experience in understanding the plastic pollution issue.

Finally, in keeping with last week’s theme sharing tips for a greener summer, here are some tips from Algalita to help keep your summer activities green.