Our Green Wish Lawrence Board of Directors is made up of dedicated, hard-working individuals committed to fulfilling the Green Wish mission: keeping green organizations funded to improve communities at the local level.

Victoria Bogner

Victoria has been an investment advisor and analyst since January 2006. She is currently Vice-President of McDaniel Knutson Financial Partners in Lawrence, Kansas. She and her husband, Luke Bogner, have always had a desire to make the community a better place, and Green Wish was the perfect opportunity to turn that desire into action. In June 2012, with the support of Green Wish in Los Angeles, Victoria founded Green Wish Kansas, the first local chapter outside of LA. She also aids with the expansion of Green Wish around the nation.

Pete Knutson

Pete has been an independent financial advisor for 20 years. He currently serves as President of McDaniel Knutson Financial Partners in Lawrence. He and his wife, Julie, have five kids and would like to pass on to them more awareness of the environment and the efficient use of its resources. By helping Victoria with Green Wish, he hopes to focus attention to environmental issues at a local level with the ultimate goal of expanding that awareness to a national or even international level.

Richard Wagstaff, IV

Richard (Richie) Hibbard Wagstaff, IV serves the Green Wish Kansas chapter as a member of the Board of Directors. Richie is one of Green Wish's youngest board members and plays an important role in creating a sustainable future for the organization. Hecompleted his Bachelors of Arts(Communication Studies) degree at the University of Kansas and is currently an associate manager with AT&T Custom Communications in Lawrence.

Paul Noreau

Paul Noreau is a Permaculture Design Certificate Holder living in Vinland, KS. He is the owner of Vinland Valley Permaculture, a 10 acre homestead dedicated to exploring and implementing the principles of Permaculture. Paul joined the board of Green Wish to help find ways to fund projects dedicated to the Douglas County local food movement.

Chad Elliott

Chad is an evangelist, engineer, project manager, and community developer based out of Kansas City, Missouri. Chad has a diverse technical background and has been fortunate enough to work for tech centric companies like VML, Zaarly, and, his current employer, CandyCam. When he was presented with the opportunity to join the Lawrence Green Wish Chapter in July of 2012, he leapt at the chance, fulfilling a strong emotional desire to give back to the community and further the cause of environmental sustainability. Chad sits on the Lawrence board as a technology advisor and aids in developing the Green Wish website, as well as contributing minor infrastructure components.

Eileen Horn

Eileen Horn is the Sustainability Coordinator for Douglas County and the City of Lawrence, KS. In that role, she coordinates the city and county initiatives in energy efficiency, renewable energy, waste reduction/recycling, and local food. In addition, she serves as chief public contact for these initiatives, and coordinates citizen outreach programs to communicate the city and county sustainability goals and projects. Previously, Eileen worked as the Education/Outreach Coordinator for the Climate and Energy Project, where she co-created an award-winning energy efficiency contest between six Kansas municipalities, and founded the Kansas chapter of Interfaith Power and Light, assisting congregations as they put their faith into action to address climate change. Eileen holds an M.S. in Natural Resources from the University of Vermont, and B.S. in Biology from the Catholic University of America.

Holly Garber

Holly Garber is a real estate consultant and the owner of American Dream Realty. She is a Lawrence, Kansas native who has always enjoyed being a part of the culture and energy of her communtity. Now that Green Wish Kansas is working to pour into and keep Lawrence vibrent she is working to help in those efforts. One of her favorite things about Green Wish is that it builds up the people who have already been working and planting the seeds for years. She sees Green Wish's focus as watering and fertilizing the already sown fields.

Luke Bogner

Luke Bogner works as an electronics designer at a KC area engineering firm. During formative years, he developed a strong interest in the unique landscapes of Kansas such as the Flint Hills, Konza Prairie, and the Kaw River. These help him feel connected to his rural heritage, agricultural background, and serve as a humble reminder of dependence on providence. With his wife Victoria, he enjoys making this beautiful countryside the stage for a variety of outdoor activities. He is especially interested helping Green Wish identify and advocate practical, approachable, every-day things everyone can do to improve energy efficiency and preserve native landscapes so they can continue to be fully enjoyed and valued by others in the future.

Josh Biles

Josh Biles is the owner and founder of G.R.I.T.T. Fitness LLC. He has a passion and dedication to bring fitness, health and healing to all walks of life, especially within the local community and various charities. Green Wish has given him the perfect opportunity to help impact the health and healing of our local environment.