In the St. Louis area, Green Wish is currently sending funds to these green organizations:

 Print Perennial
Perennial’s mission is to build a creative culture of sustainability in which discarded items are transformed into valued and cherished resources. Their goals include teaching people skills to reuse objects and reduce waste diverting it from landfills.
 urbanharvest-logo Urban Harvest STL
Urban Harvest STL promotes a healthful St Louis community, enriching lives through education and innovation in urban agriculture, green space and multicultural connectivity. They envision a city where underutilized city spaces are transformed into productive food-based platforms. Urban Harvest STL’s projects help mitigate environmental impacts of industrialized food production, create green spaces, enhance biodiversity and even reduce the heat island effect in the city.
 earthdance-logo EarthDance Farms
EarthDance operates an Organic Farm School on the oldest organic farm in Missouri. Their mission is to sustainably grow food, farmers, and community, one small farm at a time, through hands-on education and delicious experiences. EarthDance envisions former strangers cultivating the land together and growing relationships.
 openspace-logo The Open Space Council for the St. Louis Region
The Open Space Council for the St. Louis Region is a nonprofit organization committed to conserving, protecting and sustaining land, water and other natural resources throughout the area. It is dedicated to ensuring their responsible and ethical use.