Lisa Colver, President

Lisa is a graduate of the University of Irvine Claire Trevor School of the Arts and currently works as a landlady. Born in Anaheim, and residing in Rancho Santa Margarita, she has spent most of her life in Orange County. Aside from art, she enjoys playing the violin and spending time with her two children, Lily and Andre.

Lisa first began helping Green Wish through donations, and eventually wanted to do something more. Along with Sharon Alvis, Sarah Kershner, and several others she started Art for Green Wish in September 2015, and created a variety of artwork and eco-friendly crafts to raise funds for Green Wish. After two successful fundraisers with Art for Green Wish, in January 2016, she decided to form Green Wish Orange County.

Sarah Kershner, Treasurer

Sarah, a southern California native, is a small business owner who was inspired by her grandparents’ dedication to preserving the natural beauty of our planet. Her love of nature and animals was the driving force of creating hew own company,, a maker of All Natural Beauty Products. She believes that the essentials for life sustenance were placed on Earth for us, and it is our job to protect them. “Natural is always better”, in her opinion. Sarah has personally supported many green organizations over the years but felt a calling to do more. This led her to Green Wish, and she holds the role of “Treasurer of the Orange County Green Wish Chapter.” She believes that with the support of her chapter members and their combined tenacity, they can help preserve the beauty of our Terra.

Brianne Hartshorn, Secretary

Born in Upland but raised all over Southern California, Brianne's father had been introducing her to the wonders of the natural world since before she can even remember. Tom's Place, California, located between Bishop and Mammoth Mountain along CA Highway 395, is her home away from home and a place she has always sought to protect. Over many years of wandering the wilds of Inyo County, environmental focused studies in primary school & college, and conversing with National Forest Service members about the state of the forests made her see just how fragile humankind's relationship is with Mother Earth. In recent years, especially, she has been dedicated to becoming more active in leading a more natural and green life and hopes to see many more people do the same. While Brianne did not end up perusing her young dream of becoming a USFS Ranger, she believes deeply in Green Wish and the Forest Service's missions, finding and implementing renewable energy solutions, and preserving the beauty of our planet for future generations.

Even before the age of twenty-five, Brianne was one of the founding and board members of a non-profit organization that raised money and volunteered at children's hospitals across Los Angeles and Orange County. The non-profit, unfortunately, had to close its doors in 2014 but the experiences and lessons learned by the young founding members are lessons she is happy to bring with her to the OC chapter of Green Wish. Before being asked to join the OC chapter of Green Wish, Brianne was one of participants for the first sales.

She feels honored to have been invited to join the OC chapter of Green Wish and help, alongside many other wonderful people, to see a greener future.

Sharon Alvis

Born and raised in Virginia, Sharon Alvis has been a dedicated and enthusiastic Green Wish supporter for years. She is always happy to help in any capacity. Along with Hope Mullinax, Sharon was co-creator of a fundraiser honoring the birthday of Green Wish founder Raphael Sbarge. She, along with Green Wish Orange County president Lisa Colver, was co-creator of the Art for Green Wish fundraisers. Sharon also provided jewelry items for sale and promotional work for these fundraisers on social media.

Sharon is honored to be responsible for social media maintenance of the Orange County chapter of Green Wish along with Becky Hollen.

Judith Colver

Judy has always been concerned about our environment, preservation, environmental education and animal welfare. She and her husband have been active in the land acquisition for the Environmental Nature Center located in Newport Beach, California and the Conservation Theater at the Santa Ana Zoo located in Santa Ana, California. They support many other environmental organizations including Friends of the River, Glen Canyon Institute and Anza Borrego State Park Foundation. She participated for several years on the grant proposal selection committee for the Orange County Community Foundation.

She attended California State University, Long Beach with a B.A. in Anthropology. Judy and her husband, Frank, are retired. They have three children, two grandchildren and two great grandchildren.

Judy is a believer in " Think globally, act locally ". In other words, do what you can right where you are.

Becky J. Hollen

Becky has worked full time in the sales, food service and communications industries since 1998 in Bellwood, Pennsylvania and also operates her own jewelry shop on Etsy where she donates a portion of her stock to fundraising events for organizations that include Green Wish and cancer support. She and her fellow East Coast board member Sharon are hoping to raise more awareness of Green Wish and its mission in their home states as well as nationally through the use of social media. She holds a BA in literature and creative writing from Penn State University.