Green Wish Kansas City is our newest regional chapter. It will officially launch in early 2014, and is based in the Kansas City Metro area, encompassing both Kansas and Missouri.  Green Wish Kansas City will hold a special launch event which will include local restaurants featuring a signature dish.

Stephanie Kelly, Secretary

With a background in education and successfully moving into the role as a wedding and event coordinator for four years, it wasn't until Stephanie became a stay-at-home mom that she realized her true passion; finding ways to stay organized while also living healthier. This was put to good use when, Stephanie, her husband, and two-year-old son, made the decision to live simply and fulfill their love of travel by selling their home and belongings to journey around the U.S. for eight months. Not only was it an excellent exercise in not being tied to 'stuff', but it gave them the opportunity to enjoy more of the things that matter- People. Experiences. Health.

This change in lifestyle led Stephanie to pursue other interests in green innovation, sustainable living, and health advocacy as she began her role as a sustainability coach. She enjoys teaching and empowering others to learn simple ways they can make the change to living chemical free regarding food, alternatives to household items (cleaning & beauty products), and sustainable solutions for organizing the home to be more efficient. Stephanie also enjoys her role as the Lifestyle Specialist at Whole Foods Market. In her free time she enjoys farmers markets, family field trips, listening to music, and staying in the know about the latest in sustainable innovation and current health initiatives.

Her green wish is that we will be more conscious consumers by putting our safety and health as priority #1. As an unlikely candidate of being 'green', Stephanie knows how small changes make a large impact on personal health, home environment, and the planet and wants everyone to reap the benefits of actively choosing to grow their life in a new direction.

Joe Sjuts, Treasurer

Joe has been a university financial administrator for 25 years. He currently is the Controller at Avila University in Kansas City. He and his wife Diane have three children and they have always believed in the importance of environmental awareness. He led the effort to start an arboretum at Midland University in Nebraska. Joe joined the Green Wish Kansas City board to assist with the education and promotion of environmental sustainability.

Tom Tortorich

Tom Tortorich is a freelance entrepreneur, a self-published author, Indie book publisher, freelance philosopher, nature photographer and web developer. He is currently living a life “beyond the box” and working at making that more sustainable every day.

Tom’s passion is ‘being the change’ by creating at least one ripple every day.