Green Wish Kansas City is our newest regional chapter. It will officially launch in early 2014, and is based in the Kansas City Metro area, encompassing both Kansas and Missouri.  Green Wish Kansas City will hold a special launch event which will include local restaurants featuring a signature dish.

Maria Holiday, President

Maria Holiday is a business owner, educator, and politically savvy activist for causes in which she believes. Maria began fighting for social issues through the political process in 1997. She founded the political action group, Kansas Women for Accountable and Responsible Government. Maria's public engagement has included testifying before the Kansas Legislature, providing both oral and written policy statements to elected officials, and serving as a featured speaker for press conferences, fundraisers and political dinners. She has also made multiple local and national television appearances including “60 Minutes” and "Fox News" with Juliet Huddy, Mike Jerrick and Judge Jeanine Pirro. Maria is excited to blend her passions of responsible government, conservation of natural resources, entrepreneurship and community non-profits to make Green Wish Kansas City a model for the nation. She is proud to be involved with local green initiatives that are positive, innovative and educational. Maria is a District Manager for Bioceutica, LLC, a health and wellness company committed to sustainable energy. She has been an educator for over 20 years and is the owner of the Holiday Home Learning Center. Maria is a wife, mother and grandmother to four little princesses.

Stephanie Kelly, Secretary

With a background in education and successfully moving into the role as a wedding and event coordinator for four years, it wasn't until Stephanie became a stay-at-home mom that she realized her true passion; finding ways to stay organized while also living healthier. This was put to good use when, Stephanie, her husband, and two-year-old son, made the decision to live simply and fulfill their love of travel by selling their home and belongings to journey around the U.S. for eight months. Not only was it an excellent exercise in not being tied to 'stuff', but it gave them the opportunity to enjoy more of the things that matter- People. Experiences. Health. This change in lifestyle led Stephanie to pursue other interests in green innovation, sustainable living, and health advocacy as she began her role as a sustainability coach. She enjoys teaching and empowering others to learn simple ways they can make the change to living chemical free regarding food, alternatives to household items (cleaning & beauty products), and sustainable solutions for organizing the home to be more efficient. Stephanie also enjoys her role as the Lifestyle Specialist at Whole Foods Market. In her free time she enjoys farmers markets, family field trips, listening to music, and staying in the know about the latest in sustainable innovation and current health initiatives. Her green wish is that we will be more conscious consumers by putting our safety and health as priority #1. As an unlikely candidate of being 'green', Stephanie knows how small changes make a large impact on personal health, home environment, and the planet and wants everyone to reap the benefits of actively choosing to grow their life in a new direction.

Joe Sjuts, Treasurer

Joe has been a university financial administrator for 25 years. He currently is the Controller at Avila University in Kansas City. He and his wife Diane have three children and they have always believed in the importance of environmental awareness. He led the effort to start an arboretum at Midland University in Nebraska. Joe joined the Green Wish Kansas City board to assist with the education and promotion of environmental sustainability.

Elizabeth Jones

With 20 years of experience in teaching science, Elizabeth uses her educational skills to show people how to take control of their health and make empowering health decisions using nutrition to become Diabetes-Free without insulin or medications. Elizabeth devotes much of her time as a wellness coordinator sharing her knowledge of whole food nutrition encouraging families to eat more fresh fruits and vegetables to prevent disease. Her years of studying nutrition and the human body have led her to believe that processed food, synthetic food, genetically modified food, and chemically farmed food is destroying the health of the nation. Elizabeth’s Green Wish is to see that we maintain and protect the ecology of the world so that all foods are grown from non-GMO seeds, farmed organically, and free from toxic chemicals, antibiotics and growth hormones.

Stephanie Cherra

Stephanie Cherra is a Wellness Consultant for “Truestar Health” As an educator, and an advocate, she believes that eating healthy, having a positive attitude, getting enough sleep, exercise, drinking plenty of water and excellent supplements can contribute to a long and healthy life. Stephanie has also been an Elementary Educator for 10 years. She understands that children are our future and we need to provide them with the knowledge of how to live responsibly on our planet and to take care of it for future generations. She has recently taken a sabbatical leave from Elementary Education to care for her three young sons ages two, five and seven. Stephanie is humbled and at the same time very excited by the opportunity to become a part of “Green Wish”. She believes in their goal and mission to make the Planet Sustainable and Green for the children of the future. It is Stephanie’s desire to be part of this mission by encouraging families to become more aware of what they are putting on the dinner table and help guide them to provide a diet containing more whole and less processed foods.

Chad Elliott

Chad is an evangelist, engineer, project manager, and community developer based out of Kansas City, Missouri. Chad has a diverse technical background and has been fortunate enough to work for tech centric companies like VML, Zaarly, and, his current employer, CandyCam. When he was presented with the opportunity to join Green Wish in July of 2012, he leapt at the chance, fulfilling a strong emotional desire to give back to the community and further the cause of environmental sustainability. Chad sits on the Lawrence and KC Metro boards as a technology advisor and aids in developing the Green Wish website, as well as contributing minor infrastructure components.