We believe educating the community about environmental issues is a key component of improving the planet. Green Wish has partnered with many of our beneficiary charities to bring groups into classrooms and share knowledge about climate change.

Eek-O-Halloween Collection BoxEek-O-Halloween is an educational and fundraising program developed by Green Wish for school-age students. The program offers components ranging from in-classroom education to fundraising.

Green Wish can provide schools with:

  • Lesson plans and suggestions: Teachers are able to explore with their students local environmental issues and learn who in the community is working to make a difference.
  • Speakers: When available, presentations from local, green organizations can be arranged for classrooms or the entire student body.
  • Want to collect coins? Some schools raise funds for EEK-O-Halloween. Every penny is gratefully accepted – we collect coins to make real change.

EEK-O-Halloween is flexible; student engagement is our commitment. Contact us to get your school or classroom involved today!

In addition, we started the Eek-O-Halloween program to let students directly experience climate change education through a service learning opportunity.